The Zombie Killers Hunt - Shaun of the Dead

Black Cat Bones presents The Zombie Killers Hunt (May 1 to May 28):

With the approaching Zombie Killers Hunt, Black Cat Bones are releasing an Epic Zombie Killer Outfit each week or so until it ends... or they run out of epic Zombie Killers who wore cool stuff. (LOL)

The first one I am blogging is for a male avatar (males are always complaining that they cannot find anything good for them... they should look better... hehehe).

"Shaun of the Dead"  includes boots, pants, tie, shirt collar, rambo tie, name tag, flowers for mom, bat, and throwing records that do damage to zombies rezzed in zombie sims.

Shaun is ready for his date with you. Will it be a very romantic date? Well, let's see... there are flowers and music... and he can always kill a few zombies with those romantic records... ;)


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