Timeless Treasures Hunt (March 12 to March 20)

 Here are some of the prizes in the hunt: clothes, skins, make-ups, poses, furniture, shoes...
SLurls and Hints:
#1: *KISMET* Medieval Celtic Furniture, Prefab Cottages and Houses ~
Cierra Anatine, Designer
HUNT HINT: (heading west, toward the store)  Oh deer!! What have we here?

#2: Paris Metro ~ Couture ~
Paris Zsun, Designer
HUNT HINT: Climb up 3 flights of stairs to the very top floor, for a special treasure from a Tahitian Dream: a brand new halter dress and beach hat for your adventures.

#3: ~*Forest Floor*~ Gardens & Dreamscapes ~
Uni Ninetails, Designer
HUNT HINT: "Look to the south, a bridge too far?"

More SLurls and Hints...

#4: EMO-tions ~
Mirja Mills, Designer

#5: TULI :: skins :: ~
Tuli Asturias, Designer
HUNT HINT: It's time to get your feet wet.

#6: [noctis] ~
Yelena Istmal, Designer
Gift #1: You won't have to be a wizard to find this prize; 
Gift #2: Look into the JAWS of death!

#7: Style by Kira ~
Kira Paderborn, Designer
HUNT HINT: If you have not checked out the front desk, you really should.

#8: Eshi Otawara Shop ~
Eshi Otawara, Designer
NOTE: Eshi has hidden FOUR (4) objects for you (one is a FAT PACK!) So...
Gift #1: He is the only man in the store. He is always there. If you ask him, he will gracefully hand you a love poem and a gift! 
Gift #2:  Hunt darling hunt! I will light your way! 
Gift #3: Feed him, he sings to you! 
Gift #4: Walls don't only have ears!

#9: Attitudes Lingerie ~
Samia Bechir, Designer
HUNT HINT:  In Paris, you won't find the most creative designers in the "usual" fashion areas. They often prefer less "poshy" places, like the Lamarck Street. 

#10: GUHL Architecture ~ *ADULT*
Jessi Silberstein, Designer
HUNT HINT: Look at the walls ... it is inside the store area.

HUNT HINT: Do I have to spell it out for you?

Sulie Criss, Designer
HUNT HINT: Walk, fly, or use the TP service to the Door Gallery; open the correct door… carefully pluck your prize BUT BE CAREFUL TO NOT BUY A PRODUCT.

#13: Painfully Divine ~ *ADULT*
Nahtasha Uriza, Designer
HUNT HINT: My desk is piled with all this paperwork... and no time to finish it.

#14: Soap Co. ~
Loch Newchurch, Designer

Shinichi Mathy, Designer
HUNT HINT: Get a clear view from the 2nd floor

#16: ~Lantian~*ADULT*
Wyvern Dryke, Designer

#17: EVOLVE ~
Reign Congrejo, Designer
HUNT HINT: Dancing around the pole and table.

JME Couturier, Designer
HUNT HINT: Sit down for a beer.

Likka Noel, Designer
HUNT HINT: "The secrets are always sleeping under the flowers."

#20: KaiaGaia ~
Meggie Decosta, Designer
HUNT HINT: In a Higgle Piggle?  The only way is up!

Lexi Roxan, Designer
HUNT HINT: "Right Click~Touch~Join Group"

#22: LnL Square ~
HUNT HINT: Click the red "i" for an updated hint!

HUNT HINT:  "They say the cat sat on the mat, but in this case, it sat on a hunt prize"

#24: .:CUDA:. ~
HUNT HINT: "In a sea you'll find me, look all around... I might not be the only one!"

#25: Frippery ~
HUNT HINT: Find the Red Box and you are H-O-T!

#26: EarthStones ~
Abraxxa Anatine, Designer
HUNT HINT: Burn Baby Burn

Twistit Saiman, Designer
HUNT HINT: This may be nifty if you have time to relax. 

HUNT HINT: I'm just behind the first thing you see. 

HUNT HINT:  Walk inside BODY SHOP; near the center space!

#30: Glass Vistas ~
HUNT HINT: Where Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony.

#31: Cozy Chaotics ~ *ADULT*
HUNT HINT: A mycophile will take the prize, but be careful or you might find mycophobia more to your liking.

#32: Cleo Design ~
Cleom Bailey, Designer
HUNT HINT: On the books which are settled on a trunk chest you can find me. Come and get your treasure map.

Jaimy Hancroft, Designer
HUNT HINT: Say  "Cheeeeessseeee"!
Audrey Guter, Designer
HUNT HINT: Go to the AO Room!

HUNT HINT:  (sings:) "I'm gonna let it shine!"

#36: Purrfect 10 ~
Ten Dexler... Designer
HUNT HINT:  Find me quick -- I haven't got time to hang around! 

#37: e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories ~
HUNT HINT:  Take a seat and relax.


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