TextureMania 2 Gridwide Hunt in Second Life!

TextureMania 2 Gridwide Hunt in Second Life!
Starting Point:  Love My Textures Main Store, Renegades
What you are looking for:  A red alpha birdhouse.
Where are the hints?  Each shop has a hint giver.  Just click on the red birdhouse for your hint.
How many shops are participating?  As of the start of the hunt, 72 shops.
Shops, SLurls and Hints...

Shops, SLurls and Hints:

TMH2 #001 Love My Textures
Finding the prize is as easy as playing a game...like checkers maybe!
TMH2 #002 Kismet Textures
Get a *LEG* up on the competition... find the textures you want at Kismet!
TMH2 #003 Nympheas Textures
The Beauty of Water
TMH2 #004 Spring Valley Market

TMH2 #005 XOPH
Follow the TMH path and find the ghost of Erik Satie.
TMH2 #006 Timeless Textures
A little bird told me I could find his Birdhouse somewhere between the HOLIDAY Sculpt Maps & the HALLOWEEN Textures.
TMH2 #007 Treasured Cove Sculpts
Searching high and low, where would you expect to find a bird house?
TMH2 #008 [K.O.] Khan Omizu Textures
Oh haven't you heard? The BIRD is greater than or equal to the WORD.
TMH2 #009 Virtual Textures
Chick Peeps like Birdhouses!
TMH2 #010 Angelic's Textures
Finding the perfect set is always a treasured reward.
TMH2 #011 Trendy Templates
OOh that little bird should keep an eye on the cat.
TMH2 #012  SJP Textures
Oh good there is a restroom here.
TMH2 #013 Carla's Sculpty Workshop
Don't hurt your back when bowing.
TMH2 #014 Fortunas Creations
Birds like natural places. Check in the texture area they might like.
TMH2 #015 Texworks
I'm tucked away next to the lovely Waterhouse ladies Circe, the Danaides, and Pandora.
TMH2 #016 Tobrins Textures & Sculpted Prims
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
TMH2 #017 =Flutterby=
Look at all the pretties, fluttering around!
TMH2 #018 Textures by Corry & Night
Look up high...where the birdies fly.


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