Snowpaws Hunts and Freebies

Snowpaws Shop:

Snowpaws Hunts:
Hint: You could build a nest here.
Hint: Groupies!!!
Pawprint 1.1 - Think Big!
Pawprint 1.2  - Think free!
Pawprint 1.3 - Something for your head!
Pawprint 2.1 - A milestone for our store!
Pawprint 2.2 - A tribute to Snowpaws! Meow!
Pawprint 2.3 - Think pink and abstract!

Blue Ribbed Sweater Dress
Cameron Fluffy Skirt Mini Dress - Midnight Blue
Lacie Lila purple mini dress
Red with black belt dress
Rich Brown Corsett Outfit
Snowpaws Large Gold Hoop Earrings
Strapless Cassie Dress - Red

Snowpaws Freebie Store:
(Lots of nice freebies here)

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde Cachet
Make-up: SR Dark Pink Lip
Hair: * 0 Style *Belinda*(Auburn)_M

It took me forever to find the Twisted Hunt prize, and when I finally saw it I wanted to kick myself. I had gone past it several times without seeing it. :(

By the way, I met Murron Rossini (Thank you for your help!), owner of Reality Designs. I thought I had already got the freebies and the Twisted Hunt gift from her shop (, but it seems I just have one of them. There are 13 prizes! That's something I didn't know when I went to her shop. Had I known it I would have tried to get them then, because it's going to be next to impossible to get them now. She is an evil wicked woman! She told me she has two mazes (The one you land in has moving walls, they move every 15 seconds! There's a prize in that maze... I hope I won't go crazy before finding it), boobytrap cubes that will take you into one maze where there is no prize, just sickeningly animated textures, one that takes you to a Greek temple where there are more prizes inside "twinkling stars"... She is having lots of fun with it. She told me her shop was even worse in last October's hunt. It was unofficially voted hardest stop on the hunt! No wonder...

Well... after all Twisted Hunt is considered the hardest hunt in Second Life. Have fun and try not to go too crazy. LOL


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