Shopping List (02 March)

As I do not have the time to take pictures and write posts of everything I find in SL, I have decided to write a list and then do a post with it, that way you won't miss out. ;)

~*Whorish*~ 20 boxes with very nice free clothes. Got that a few days ago, but I didn't have time to take the pictures and post.

Son!a Red Mini-dress.

Free Style is a small store with free and dollarbie items: AO, skins, poses, boots, clothes...

Glitterati: Skin - Group Gift

Lots more...

Free Top Designer Gifts at Couture Boulevard:
B! Fashion, Agnes Finney, Alli& Ali, Alafolie, Altelier, MEB, Fashion, Jador, Bliss Couture, Glamour Style, TruthBall, Chianera Cioc, By Kay Jewelry, House of RFyre, Haute Fashions, ALEIDA, Dubrovna's Fashions

..::Beauty Killer::.. Zombie Tanktops - FREEBIE
#027^DKH>>3<<^[..::Beauty Killer::..] (Baggie Cat - Male and Female gifts)
! Twisted Hunt 44 of 218 ! ..::Beauty Killer::.. (Skins & eyes)
Lucky Chair: Got Brain? T-Shirt

A_Estravaganza Gift "A day in the sun" oufit (1 linden)
St. Valentine's Bikini (1 linden)

dollarbie for march: autumn shimmer in dusk
Outfit in Notices, join the group:
justB group page: secondlife:///app/group/478546a8-1b1a-a6d3-8ce9-f3b802e53534/about
Thanks to Renee Lowenhart, Whisper Swansong and the rest of the team at

Rebel Hope Designs
White fur boa (0 lindens)
RH Engel Jewelry (0 lindens)

Orange Creations
*OC* Costa Rica Store Gift - *OC* Fan Hair

Many more here:

Sheep Door Opening Gift: Hair with cap.

Tainted Heart #02 - +DV8+ (Male and Female Gifts)
! Twisted Hunt 1 of 218 ! +DV8+
MMs, Lucky Chairs, Group Gifts, Freebies...

! Twisted Hunt 121 of 218 ! ::Poised:: - Outfit
Poised ITGirl - outfit

Ydea (18 sexy outfits, group gifts)

+>A&A<+ Afterlight Dress 2k Subscriber Gift
22 T-Shirts (1 linden)
7 Group Gifts (50 lindens to join the group)

Free outfit and Dollarbies

Dilly Dolls
! Twisted Hunt 4 of 218 ! *Dilly Dolls*

! Twisted Hunt 18 of 218 ! ^Re.Birth^

Souzou Eien
! Twisted Hunt 15 of 218 ! ~*~Souzou Eien~*`


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