Notice Board (17 March)

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:
The Chalkboard Table has 10 animated sits, coffee mugs and choice of 4 chalkboard texture table tops.

The Lucky Prims Hunt:
You have to find shamrocks. They cost 45 lindens each, but they are worth the money. {What next} offers us this beautiful bench. The Serendipity Garden Bench has cuddles and singles animations.

Group Gift for March: a decorative hallway clutter set.

I really love this shop. Joining the SL group costs 250 lindens, but the gifts are great. If you subscribe you get gifts, too. ;)

More information and pictures in their blog:


Attitudes Lingerie:
Freebies, Group Gifts, Timeless Treasures Hunt.

Lillou's Designs:
3 freebies, 3 group gifts, hunts, several 10-linden outfits...



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