Got Dreamer? - Cilian'gel

My RezzDay was last Friday, 4th of March, I got several things from shops and some friends. I'm sorry I haven't posted that yet, but this week has been crazy and I haven't had the time.

I'm 2 years old now. Cilian found out about my rezzday and she called her newest group gift... Got Dreamer? It's purple! my favourite colour. Thank you Cilian, I love your creations and I really love this gown. 

Cilian sent two versions of the gown to the members of her group. The presents are in notices... what are you waiting for? Join the group now. It only costs a small fee, 10 lindens, in order to discourage spammers and the like. The group gifts are great, do not miss them.
Got Style ? - Got Cilian'gel ? 
Long skirt version.
Short skirt version.
Hair: Vignette (Free)
Skin: Passion


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