Get Your Money Back

We all know that Second Life has its little quirks and bugs, one that fills the hearts of SL residents with terror is the bug that makes all your hard earned lindens disappear... The first time it happened to me it almost gave me a heart attack! It's not nice to see that all your money has gone, not only that... your balance has suddenly gone down to -1.

Getting your money back used to be very easy, you just needed to buy something free (0 lindens) or to get somebody to pay you 1 linden, and lo and behold you got your money back. Lately, this wicked bug had become more resilient. A few days ago, my money disappeared 4 times in a row. A friend would pay me a linden, the money would appear, I would pay her back, my money would disappear and my balance would go down to -1. After repeating the same thing 4 times... I logged off and on again. My money was back, but I decided not to buy anything unless it was absolutely necessary, for a little while, at least. ;)

So it was with great joy that I welcomed a notice sent by Jezz Landar to the 'Midnight Mania for Creators' group:
Oh joy ! The bugs are at it again and eating people's L's. To counteract this curse, you must perform the following ritual : 

Enter this into chat, click the link: secondlife:///app/balance/request
 I was getting some free demos a little while ago and my balance went down to -1. I posted secondlife:///app/balance/request in general chat, clicked on it and my money came back! All is well, I can go on shopping...


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