Cilian’gel 1920′s Boutique (Cilia Shepherd) (#8 Pot of Gold Hunt)

8. Cilian’gel 1920′s Boutique (Cilia Shepherd) ADULT SIM!!!!
Pot of Gold Hunt Hint:  Take a seat ;D

Cilia gives us this beautiful dress. Great for spring. I'm going to go for a stroll in the country, and then a picnic... I need to find matching shoes, first... and a hat, I mustn't forget the hat for the sun... Anybody wants to come with me? We'll have lots of fun.

Don't miss the CIL NO ONE (10 lindens). Take the elevator.
Flowers with poofer:  Daisy Set (Male and Female Versions) (1 linden).

More information about the Pot of Gold Hunt, here:


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