Allusions (Sabryne Rhode) (#1 Pot of Gold Hunt)

1.  Allusions (Sabryne Rhode)
Hunt Hint: Climb for your prize.

POG#1 #1 Allusions Tied Front blouse- Forest (A beautiful blouse from the Pot of Gold Hunt).
Free Jeans from Allusions.
Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary -Green-
Hair:  ChiChickie.

In the shop, you can find free jeans and a free purse. Some pieces of furniture cost 1 and 10 lindens. Many jeans and trousers  are just 10 lindens, there are several colours to choose from. Or you can buy the big fat pack of jeans for just 50 lindens.

Allusions Jeans 2011 - Big Fat GIMME Pack! (50 lindens)
A pack with lots of jeans. Some colors have the side rivets options and some do not. All pieces are copy, modify, no transfer. In the box you'll find : jeans (underpants and pant layer), cuffs (straight leg cuffs, flaired bottom cuffs, scrunchy *w*n* cuffs - Some pairs of cuffs are shared between 2 pairs of jeans. they will be named like Black Antique/Monotone-attachment point here and White Antique/Silver-attachment point here).
This is just a small selection of the options in the pack.


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