Team Diabetes of Second Life





We are pleased to announce the fifth season of Team Diabetes of Second Life! Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. The mission of Team Diabetes of Second Life is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life. According to the World Health Organization (2016): 422 million adults in the world have diabetes and 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

The official Team Diabetes of Second Life’s season will take place from October 2020  to December 2020 , with the following events scheduled to take place:

       5th Annual Scare Me Silly Event – October 16 to 23, 2020

       Art Asylum Event – October 16 to 23, 2020

       5th Annual Red Hunt – November 1 to 15, 2020

       5th Annual Red Party – November 7, 2020

       World Diabetes Party – November 14, 2020

       Red Discount Hud Shopping Event – November 15 to 30, 2020

       5th Annual Winter Showcase & Winter Art Show – December 8 to 15, 2020

In addition to the events mentioned above, individuals, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to hold fundraising events in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life!  The official 2020 fundraising season toolkit will be available to the second life public on October 1, 20202, at the organization’s office in the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life.

About The American Diabetes Association:

The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.

Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2382).

For More Information:

Team Diabetes of Second Life’s American Diabetes Association Page:

Team Diabetes of Second Life’s Website:

American Diabetes Association Page:

International Diabetes Federation Page:

2019 Avent Calendars and Other Gifts

1313 Mockingbird Lane 1-24

7 Deadly {Skins} 1-25

A Touch of Magic 1-24

Akaesha Designs (reACT) 1 – 24

ALB Dream Fashions 1-24

Alice Creazioni 1-24

Alli&Ali  1-24

A l l u r a  1-24


Amataria 12-24

AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS 1-24

An Lema 16-22

Applique’ Chic 1-25

ApplieTini 1-24

[Ari-Pari] 1-25

Artisan Fantasy 14-25

ASD Holiday Market 1-24

Aspen Nights Premier Dance Club 1-24

Winter Dreams Market 1-24 (Astara, Hilted, Catacomb, Inner Demons)

Baby Monkey 13-24

Baci Shop (December 1st – 24th / free)

Ballade Fine Furniture 18-25

Butterflies and Roses 1-24

:. C!L .: 11-22

Caledon Oxbridge Advent  1-24

Celestina’s Weddings 10-24

Chop Zuey’s 13-24

Christmas Delights 1-24

Christmas Dreams 1-24

Christmas Lane 1-24 Lane/38/155/25

Christmas Market 1-24

[CIRCA] Living – Christmas Advents – 1-25

C.M.D. Art and Furniture 1-24

Coloccini Design 1-25

Cosmopolitan Sales Room 15-24

Coveted! 1-24

DeetaleZ’s Christmas Calendar 1-24

Dench Designs 1-24

DIVIAs Design 1-24

DM Design 1-24

Donni’s Dollies 1-25

Drama Libre 1 – 24

Dressed by Lexi 14-25

Dulce Secrets 1-25

eBENTO Event 11-26

.: Eclectic Stars :. 1-24

EED Home & Garden

Ellen’s Stuff Dates: 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th

Ellinique 1 – 24

Emerald Couture 1-24

Emerald Man 1-24

Enchantress 1-24

Enigma Apparel 12-24

Entice 1-25

[.EscalateD.] 1-24

Essenz 1-24

Feral Youth 1-24

!Firelight!!  1-24

Flying Arts 1-24

Forest Mall 1-24

Formanails 1-24


Glitzz Lingerie 1-24

Gloss Store 12-24

!gO! 1-24

Grimly Fiendish Holiday Rides & Haunt 1-24

Grumble 1-24

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop & VitaVita Textures 1-25

Hello Dave 1-31st

Home Whimsey 1-25

Hope’s Creations 1-31

Hutspot 1-24

Insanity’s Own 1-25th

Kaleidoscope Mall 1-24

Kamiri 1-24

Kingbal Stores 1-24

Kobi's Kustom 1-24

.[ KUMIHO ]. x j!NX 1-25

Kushi Textures & mesh 1-25

Le'La Design 1-24

Le Fashion Whore 1-24

Lybra 1-24

Lyrical B!zarre Templates 1-24

M&M Mainstore 1-24

Ma’De Style 1-24

MadCatCreations Boutique 1-25

Media SL 1-24

Meva 1-24

Minimal 1-24

Mishmash Fusion 1-24

MoCap Dances 1-24

Moondance Boutique 1-24

Moonlitecat Creations 1-24

Moonstar 1-25


No Shot 13-24

Noel Express 1-24

NYNE 1-24

Ohemo 1-24

Paper Sparrow 1-24

Pats Schatulle - Flash Rider MC Christmas Advent

Pink Mango Fashion 1-24

Poema 1-24

Pomegranate 1-25

Princess Stuff Mainstore 1-24

REVOUL 12-21

Rook 1-31

Rose Your Life 12-24

Royal Pain 1-25

{RP} Reina Photography & Sherbt 14-25

Salt & Pepper – 1-24

Sapphire TV 1-24

Seline Creations 1-25

Sensual Delights Slave Auction & BDSM Community 1-24 Delights/134/87/23

Sexy Princess

ShoeDdiction 1-24 Stars/178/141/38

Short Leash  15-26
Simply Shelby 1-25

Siss Boom 13-31

Skye Qi Vintage Apparel 1 – 24

SLC SecondLifeCouture 1-24

Sparrow by Design 1-24

Stone’s Works 1-24

Strawberry Gashes 1-31

.:: StunnerOriginals ::. 1-24

Sugar Star 1-13

Susie’s Shoppe @ Coffeetime 1-24

Sway’s 1-24

Sweet Sassy Poses

The Sissy Bar 1-25 Island/219/23/303

Tiar 1-24

Timeless Textures 2019 Advent Calender 1-25

United InshCon 1-24

USC Textures 1-25

Vagrant 1-24

Vengeful Threads 1-24

Vicarious Youth VIP Advent 1-24

Vip’s Creations 20-31

Virtual Diva 1-24

Virtue 1-24

@Waffles@ 1-31

[WellMade] 1-24

Whymsee 1-24



XM Designs 1-24

Yasum Design 1-24

ZK Store 1-25

Zuri Jewelry 14-24

More information:

Gifts & More @ C!L Boutique

So many places to go, so many things to do... I'm exhausted, and my computer is acting up so I decided to go to the Squishy Pickle in Brodomiva and rest for a little while. I think I may have even fallen asleep with my eyes open for a moment there.

Cilia Shepherd, owner of C!L Boutique has this cute cropped sports hoodie as a gift to celebrate Second Life 16th Birthday. It goes perfectly well with the booty shorts in the picture. You can get them for just 1 linden this weekend.

@ C!L Boutique

* June 1rst - 30th Old Hollywood 'All Things Events'
* June 1rst - 30th - Twisted Event RFL
* June 7th - 30th Life's A Beach Hunt
*June Group Gift is available in the store :)
* May Group Gift is still available @ the boutique!
* May Gift Specials FabFree Group is also out!

* July 1rst - 25th - All Things Event 'July Round'
* July 5th - 1920's Fashion Show - Brand new C!L collection will be presented @ Adlon's (the Berlin 1920's Project)
* July 7th - 31rst - Lazy Summer Day Hunt
* July Group Specials FabFree Group
* Sept 7th - 30th - Dark and Brooding Hunt
* October 7th - 31rst - Sinister Hunt
* October Group Specials FabFree Group
* Nov 7th - 30th - Winter Wonderland Hunt

SL16B Gifts, Sales, Live Performances, and More!

Shopping & Buying Linden Dollars

A very useful intro-level tutorial by Strawberry Linden (Strawberry Singh) about how to:
- buy lindens.
- shop in Second Life, inworld or on the Marketplace.
- find what you have bought in your inventory. 

If you don't have any lindens... there are many things you can 'buy' in Second Life and the Marketplace for 0 lindens, and you can also get gifts at events and shops inworld.

Don't forget to check the library in your inventory. There are several avatars and other useful things to help you get started. 

Relay for Life in Second Life

More information about Relay for Life events in Second Life:

Meet the Lindens - Patch Linden and Dee Linden

Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect interviews Patch Linden and Dee Linden.

Second Life Destinations - Second Pride

"The 2019 Second Pride Festival will be held June 14th to 23rd. This is the 15th annual celebration of Second Pride in Second Life as well as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, considered by many to be the event that sparked the gay rights movement. 
Performances run all day throughout the event, including dance parties with live DJs, performances by live singers, dancers, drag queens and more. 
The event is set on the Second Pride region, our homage to New York City, complete with our version of Central Park and a boardwalk reminiscent of Coney Island, along with plenty of surprises. Proceeds from the event go to support the Rainbow Railroad. Other events are held throughout the year. 
Not familiar with Second Life? Discover incredible experiences, fascinating people, and vibrant communities in this vast virtual world created by people just like you."

More information:

How To Get Started in Second Life

Learn how to get started in Second Life with Strawberry Linden (Strawberry Singh). Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to:
- sign up for Second Life.
- download the Second Life Viewer.
- move around in Second Life.
- interact with the objects around you.
- choose an avatar and change your look.
and more.

Free Animesh from Linden Lab

Have you tried Animesh yet? Come and get this gift from Linden Lab. You can't miss the box, it's huge! The gift has been conveniently placed on a sandbox so you can play around with it.

Anniversary Sale @ Addams Clothing

Addams Clothing is celebrating their 5th year anniversay and they are celebrating it with a 50% off sale and a special gift for their group members: 300 lindens in credit. From 12th June to 15th.

It only costs 19 lindens to join the group so it's well worth it. Do not forget to get the 10 gifts for group members available at the shop.