Photogenic Buildings and Places

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A collection of photos and slurls (no fashion photos, only landscapes) with info on whether people can rez, use scripts, and if they must get RP Visitor tags, etc. Anything to help photographers find good locations.

Commhold (garden + forest)
End of Time (open spaces, country, forest, lighthouse...)
HappyMood in Winter (fantasy, travel on a leaf)
London Village, England in SL
Lovers' Cove (ballroom, dance)
Necronom VI (space cyberpunk, aliens)
Progeny (vampire castle and grounds)
Rucott (autumn themes)
Seed (forest, country)
Tiki Tattoo Cove (Hawaiian Polynesian, free photostudio)
Zigana (forest)


Image Essentials (Free Public Photo Studios) 
Eternal Shores (Free to use Photo Studios)

My is full of places to explore:
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