Boyfriend's Clothes

.::WoW Skins::. Michela

[VM] VERO MODERO Kenan Jacket Set Skull Green
This outfit is part of the male collection, but girls can wear it, too. :)

Tameless Hair Indigo

:: Focus Poses Model  124 ::
:: Focus Poses Model 125 ::

"Skybox with ballroom" by Alzahra Ames
Have a look at her Marketplace shop, she has several gifts, and some amazing constructions.

FREE Loft and Apartment

*ionic* group gifts, no fee to join group
*ionic* The Loft (group gift)
*ionic* group gift! my buenos aires apartment
*ionic* indie posters (group gift)

What to Wear?

Lots of things in my inventory... no idea what to wear... I think I'm in the right path now, I do love this shirt from 1 Hundred, it comes in several colours and it makes me feel pretty sexy... Now, if I only found a way of taking some of the nice things I've got in sl to rl...

1 Hundred. Expose Shirt. Plum
1 Hundred. Tube Top
1 Hundred. I'm Sweet Tee & Panties (just the panties in picture)

.::WoW Skins::. GG FEB* - FREE for group members

Tameless Hair Indigo

:: Focus Poses Model Set 122 ::

GLITTERATI - The Shopaholic Closet - FREE

Still Alive

It's been a month since my last post, and before that I hadn't been able to post much for a while. I am ill. Don't worry. It's not life-threatening, it's just exhausting, and what little energies I have left I have to spend in rl, so there's no much left for sl. I try to log on for a few minutes once a day to let notecards in, but that's all.

I'm leaving most blogger groups, as I cannot guarantee I'll be able to blog their things. It's something I should have done before, but I kept putting it off as I thought I would get better. I logged on today and noticed I had been kicked out of a couple of groups, so I removed myself from most of the rest, I didn't want to get kicked out of those, too. Some asked me to blog for them whenever I could, so that's what I'll do. I love sl, and I love blogging.

I miss my sl life, but for now I have to spend most of my time in rl. I'll try to do a couple of posts during the weekend. Best of wishes for you all, and have as much fun as you can in sl, and in rl.

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