Prism Furniture and Senzafine @ Home Expo

Prism Furniture - Dashwood Lamp
Prism Furniture - Dashwood chair
Prism Furniture - Dashwood desk
Prism Furniture - Dashwood  Book 

Lilly Juno has this beautiful lamp in rl and she loves it so much that she decided to bring it to sl so she could have it here, too. It is really lovely.

Prism Furniture Garden Seating - two options: single's or couple's menu.
Prism Furniture Peace Fountain - The fountain is really peaceful. I almost fell asleep while taking this picture, the noise of the water is very soothing. This is one of the items for sale for Relay For Life.


Senzafine - Nice chair with lots of poses, a side table and a beautiful lamp.
.:SF:. Rian Armchair - Sakura
.:SF:. Rian Side Table
.:SF:. Rian Lamp (Sakura)

Dream Seeker Home Expo 7
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