FREE Little Mesh Avatar and Lots More

ND/MD Skins & Shapes

BOHH #069 ND/MD Skins & Shapes:
ND/MD LITTLES Mesh Avatar, 1 linden.
TFH - #30 - ND/MD:
ND/MD LITTLES Pixie Avatar.

Group gifts:
ND/MD Littles - FlipFlops wild.
ND/MD Mini Picture Friends.
ND/MD Santa hat.
ND/MD Bonnie and Clyde Shapes.
ND/MD Nightcrawler skins.
ND/MD Ayleza brown eyes.
little Santa shoulderpet (wear).

Free Thingies&Co. Cam Hud.
3 avatars for under 30 days old.

Also, Midnight Mania boards, MiniMania boards, Lucky chairs, promos, discount and freebie section, free to use photostudios and much more.