Runaway Perfect

Dress: TRPH2 #35 Paris Metro Couture: Paisley Kisses Purple
There are more hunts in the shop.

Hair: TRPH2 #51 Vanity Hair
Don't forget to get the Crazy Hair Hunt prize.

Poses and props: 
TRPH2 #41 ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses (::WetCat::"Window Shopping").

Group Gift:
::WetCat:: "Pillow Pile".

::WetCat:: "One Fine Day" Dollarbie (on top of counter).
::WetCat:: "Baggie" 1 - 10 lindens, group members (Pay 100 lindens and get 90 back).

TRPH2 #41 ::WetCat:: Builds&Poses (::WetCat::"Window Shopping").
WNBH 09 :WetCat:: (::WetCat:: "Naughty Bunny").
! Twisted 99 of 170 ! ::WetCat::Builds&Poses (::WetCat:: "Twisted Arcane").
BLH #26 (::WetCat:: "Bunny Love").

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