Crazy Hair Hunt 3 Has Started

CRAZY HAIR HUNT 3 (March 31 - April 30)

*CHH3* 1 The U-neek
Hint: Where the leaves should be! (There are 3 gifts here)
The u-neek 10 OLD CRAZY HAIR HUNT hairs - 10 lindens.
(4 Midnight Mania boards, 3 Lucky boards and 2 Lucky toilets, gifts, gatcha machines, promos...)

*CHH3* 2=^.^= Curious Kitties
Hint: New things are very nice
(There are several gifts and promos in the shop)


*CHH3* 4 Tekeli-li!
Hint: Seek the arrow and ye shall find!

*CHH3* 5 ----+Bizarre Hair +-----
Hint: Play with me!

*CHH3* 6 Bare Rose
Hint: Closer than you think!

*CHH3* 7 ZsaZsa's House of Beauty
Hint: The starter kit is the best place to start looking.

*CHH3* 8 Vita's Boudoir
Hint: Hair Hair everywhere!


*CHH3* 10 [M&K]
Hint: If it's too dark in here you might need this.

*CHH3* 11ChiChickie!
Hint: Need a hint? Ring the bell for customer service.

*CHH3* 12 Grim. Bros
Hint: Behind the rules sign, hunter, lies a treasure. So seek for that my dear, and you'll find pleasure!

*CHH3* 13 "The Stringer Mausoleum"
Hint: I wave in the sea, but no water is to be seen, so I stand still.
(No folder so it goes to your Objects folder)

*CHH3* 14 Nushru
Hint: Time to Dress up!

*CHH3* 15 Discord Designs
Hint: 1. Quick! Follow that Ninja!
Hint: 2. I wish to register a complaint...         

*CHH3* 16 .:EMO-tions:.
Hint: Am I new?

*CHH3* 17 Bliensen + MaiTai
Hint: Eagle of flowers! I see thee stand,
 And on the sun's noon-glory gaze:
 With eye like his thy lids expand,
 And fringe their disk with golden rays;
 Though fix'd on earth, in darkness rooted there,
 Light is thine element, thy dwelling air,
 Thy prospect heaven.

*CHH3* 18 .{Rue}.
Hint: Round and Round the hunt you go
wheRe you'll end up, you'Re not suRe you'll know
but in my safe haRboR you'Re welcome to stay
just look up, and left, and have a gReat day!

*CHH3* 19 [hate this]
Hint: If you're hurt, look in this corner to heal you.

*CHH3* 20 Evie's Closet
Hint: Not far away ........

*CHH3* 21 Barlow Fashion Main Store
Hint: So tired of hunting? Make yourself comfortable, let rest your ass and contemplate the greatness of the universe...
There are lots of Lucky boards, Night Prize boards and promos in the basement:
And group gifts for members, here:

*CHH3* 22 Ein peixe
Hint: 1.Waterside.
Hint: 2.Cane.

*CHH3* 23 Gumi's Flower Shop
Hint: Turn to the left.

*CHH3* 24 A&A Hair
Hint: I feel MANIA!

*CHH3* 25 Skinthesis

*CHH3* 26 VAUGHAN'S :: house of curiosities
Hint: Mrs. Berty Udderbottom, the cow, says "MOO!"

*CHH3* 27 [IrEn] Mainstore
 Hint: On the table.

*CHH3* 28 La Boheme & Nevermore
Hint: Oscar Wilde said, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars..."

*CHH3* 29 Hairoin
Hint: If you feel the urge to go for a swim, find a mermaid for a companion.

*CHH3* 30 NebuchadNezzar (I haven't found this one)

*CHH3* 31 ** Malizz Yiyuan creation**
Hint: Make beautiful in the mirror towards the hair on the 1st floor!