Heartsick Solstice

Heartsick Solstice - Muse - Autumn - Group Gift.
Heartsick Solstice - Utopia - Autumn - Group Gift.

The Lost... Hunt and More

The Lost... Hunt

All around the sim there are 25 pumpkins to be found, not your ordinary everyday pumpkins, but shiny gift baring pumpkins. Every pumpkin has a gift for you, from 2 headed cats to talking brains, from motorcycles to floating heads...
The pumpkins will be placed on the sim on october the first. One special pumpkin will be placed on october the 13th.

There are three more gifts inside the haunted house and other surprises and gifts. Look for Dixie and Billy, they have gifts for you.

Go through the Halloween Store door to get more gifts, dollarbies and promos.

Take a Seat

EMU Systems
A rattan chair with 20 Single Sit animations and colorchanger for the seat with 90 colours. Free for group members.

Diamond Dust

Wear your 75 $L Sale group tag to get this FREE skin from Skintimate:


More Gifts from the ABBH

Shape: Sophistishapes - LORI, ABBH prize.

Skin: KRB Skins Group Gift - Luvable Me.

Hair: Adoness, Aurora - ABBH prize.

Make-up: ABBH - 92 - **.::!GLEAM**!::., Summer Grape.

Dress + Shoes: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Celebration Dress and Celebration Sandals, ABBH prize.

Bracelets: {SC} Fae Bracelet with Leaves - Pink/Tan, ABBH prize.

Earrings and necklace: Gems & Kisses- Cou, ABBH prize.

Poses: PNP - Breast Cancer Month group gift.

Free Shoes from My Pretty Pixels

My Prettty Pixels

Two gifts by the subscriber:
- Silver & Purple box for members of the SL Regular Group.
- Pink & Gold boz for members of the subscriber.

 There are also prizes for picks.

Poses Preview Hud and More

HelaMiyo :: Poses Preview Hud - 1 linden.
HelaMiyo :: Photo Studio + Pose stand - 2 lindens.
HelaMiyo :: Kat cuddle Couple Poses - Group gift.
There are more gifts and promos in the shop... have a look.


Get Some Action

Skin: ' Skintimate ' - 10 linden Donation Skin.
Lots of skins free for group members, a Midnight Mania board and two Lucky boards.

Hair: ChiChickie! - Ellie.

Dress: :::BodyShot::: Rose dress TUH: One! - 1 linden.

Bracelet: Elemental Jewelry - TUH: One! - 1 linden.

Boots: Loordes Of London, Boots in Mink - Indian Summer Hunt (Starting on October 1st).

Poses: HelaMiyo - Wrists and Ankles Action.

Sweet Temptations, Western Style

Sweet Temptations
Have a look around, there are some nice gifts in the shops, and don't forget to slap the Midnight Mania boards.

Skintimate LOW Designer Spotlight Gift

Skintimate LOW Designer Spotlight Gift.
You can get this beautiful skin at the shop (don't forget to slap the Midnight Madness board, get the gifts and check the Lucky boards and the promos):
or at Eminence Square (don't forget to look for the other gifts and promos available):


Group gift: Pansy Dressing Table - It costs 25 lindens to join the group.

Dollarbie: A stylish gothic armchair with 5 animated sits.

A Mermaid and an Angel

New free skins from Oceane Body Design, a group gift and CAHunt prize. No fee to join group.

More Beautiful Skins from Skintimate

Skintimate - ' Skintimate ' 10L Donation Skin
Lots of skins free for group members, a Midnight Mania board and two Lucky boards.

Olivia's Gifts


Group gifts, gifts, Lucky boards...

Accessorising at the Jewelry Fair

Hair: SPLENDIDE*U - Madison, FREE at Savoir Hair.

Sarah from Synergy Avatar Enhancement a new brand co-founded by Chiana Meredith (ChiChickie!) and Kateri Runningbear (KRB Skins and Things).

Dress: ANIN a GRIS - KANDY, September group gift. No fee to join group.
There's also another gift available, a Midnight Mania board and some promos.

Jewelry Fair 2011 (September 16 - September 25)

More Gifts from Ydea Style, EMO-tions and NoT BUTTON'S Skins

Outfit: Dalma.
Ydea Style
There are two pairs of sandals, free for all, and lots (over 30) group gifts. No fee to join the group. There are more male group gifts here:

Skins: Sari Nevaeh.

43 free skins and 3 free shapes.

Hair: Mera Luna
EMO-tions - group gift.

Tutorial: Make your own pose HUD : SL for Nowt

"Have you ever wished you could adjust prim items on your avatar on-the-fly, but you can’t seem to grab hold of them to do so? (I know that some third party viewers have a great ‘edit’ option direct from inventory, but other viewers don’t have that.) Invariably, it’s in a place that doesn’t allow rezzing, so you end up having to teleport home where you have your pose stand rezzed, or you teleport to a sandbox so you can rez a stand.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go into the classic ‘star jump’ adjustment pose without all that hassle? Well you can, and to that end here’s a little illustrated tutorial showing you how to make your own wearable Pose HUD."
I love SL for Nowt, the old and the new versions:

You can find almost anything there. There are lots of useful tutorials, like this one for making a hud that helps you edit the things you are wearing. I thought about making my own hud for quite a while, but, being as busy as I am, it was something I always left for later, till today. I have made my own hud following Mar's instructions. Thank you Mar!

I just made a couple of changes, I didn't upload the texture, I used a white prim. Also, I made it a sphere, instead of a box.

Vivian from Britnee

Simply Britnee Hair offers us Vivian hair for free for a few hours, get it before the price goes up.


Look for the dollarbies, promos, Midnight Mania boards, Lucky boards...

I Got The Power!

Prim & Pixel - P&P "I Got The Power!" MORGANITE Super Stillettos - FREE.

Have a look at the promos and other gifts in the shop.

Mod Mood

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Gabriel.

Skin: Sarah from Synergy Avatar Enhancement a new brand co-founded by Chiana Meredith (ChiChickie!) and Kateri Runningbear (KRB Skins and Things).

Outfit: Chichi of London, Mod Suit, cc0109 - ABBH prize.

Jewelry Fair Gifts, Part 1

These are just some of the gifts you can find at the Jewelry Fair. There are lots of amazing designs and some promos. Do not miss them.

Pressie from Lucifer's Heart! 1 of 3 - .:LH:. Love Dog Tag.
Pressie from Lucifer's Heart! 2 of 3 - .:LH:. Voodoo Child.
Pressie from Lucifer's Heart! 3 of 3 - .:LH:. Mother & Child.

[Fairy Tail]2011Jewelry Fair GIFT.
[Fairy Tail]Bow long necklace.

Dark Mouse - Jewelry Fair Gifty!  FREE! - (Earrings and bangles).

Free gift from Joy & Co Jewelers!

Dollarbie Gifts from Calla-The perfect gift - 1 linden.

Exquisite Broken China Necklace - Roses Dollarbie - 1 linden.
Exquisite Gift Box for Jewelry Fair 2011 - Freebies.

G&T 1.- special jewelfair Gift - 1 linden.

Designs by Sebastian - 2011 JF gift.

PRIMALOT 'Eleonore' wF3.1 JF2011 gift (touch the ring for menu).

*+AURORA BOREALIS+ Jewlery Fair 2011 gift + (Earrings).

SBJ Mesh Tiara Freebie.

Together Inc. Jewelry Fair Gifty.

{Just A Pose} FREE gift.

<< VC >> Bracelet - Fire at Midnight - Free.
<< VC >> Bracelet - Fire at Midnight - Free.

2011 Jewelry Fair Gifts.

Styling card:
Skin: KRB Skins and Things - Jordan.
Hair: TRUTH Hair - Gabriel.
Pose: ADORKable Poses.

Enchanting Dork

This is the aDORKable prize for the Witch Hunt (September 15 - September 30). 20 poses, including mirrors, only 10 lindens. Do not miss it.

The Witch Hunt (September 15 - September 30)

The Witch Hunt (September 15 - September 30)
Join the group Witch Hunters 2011 for information and updates:
The hunt object is a witch hat, each prize costs 10 lindens.

You can find more information and pictures of the prizes here:

Beautiful Elena


Do not forget to slap the Midnight Mania board.

Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt (September 15 - September 30)

Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt (September 15 - September 30)
This in an ADULT hunt: 
Trailer Trash Hunt ... everything trailer.. slutty, whores, manwhores, thugs ... back alleys ... if you can find it in a trailer park, you can find it in this hunt!!!! Brought to you by Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia.
Start location:

Blog: http://stalkershunt.blogspot.com

Sarah, Melissa and Olive Juice

Poses: Olive Juice - Lookbook 4: Hipsters

Skin, eyes and hair: Sarah from Synergy Avatar Enhancement a new brand co-founded by Chiana Meredith (ChiChickie!) and Kateri Runningbear (KRB Skins and Things).

Outfit: Melissa from Synergy Avatar Enhancement a new brand co-founded by Chiana Meredith (ChiChickie!) and Kateri Runningbear (KRB Skins and Things).

Sarah and Melissa

Meet Sarah and Melissa by ChiChickie! and KRB Skins and Things, two total avatar looks. Everything you need to look great for only 295 lindens.

ChiChickie! and KRB Skins and Things have collaborated to come up with total avatar packages that offer the high quality you've come to expect from these two designers, at an affordable price, to get a total look that's absolutely beautiful!


The shoes, hair, and skins are also available separately.

Look for the official opening of a new brand co-founded by Chiana Meredith and Kateri Runningbear - Synergy Avatar Enhancement - coming soon!

Have a look around in both shops, slap the Midnight Mania boards and get the gifts and the promos... and do not forget to get the new free hair bases. All 28 ChiChickie! colours available in this very simple but nice hair base tattoo set!


KRB Skins and Things

Chacha and Brigitte

House of Beningborough

Chacha in Lilac - Group gift, free.

Brigitte hair - Free.

Free Skin from Blue Sky

Blue Sky - Free skin for group members. No fee to join group.

Couleur the Tout (September 1 - September 30)

Couleur the Tout (September 1 - September 30)
Touch the board to get a notecard with the landmarks.

#00 [[[nocc.]]]
#01 SOUP
#03 *pulcino*
#04 =*aMaNoJaKu*=
#05 Winky's Gesture
#06 1mm
#07 *RibboN*
#08 *MiuMin*
#09 poche
#10 ::Garden Oasis::
#11 +:::+Natural+:::+
#12 flower shop*little waltz*
#13 *.amato.*
#14 *hair shop nodoka*
#16 Yellow Brick Road
#17 ::C'est la vie !::
#18 *M*Motion
#19 *salire
#20 ::KEDAMA::
#21 .+*Heart Softens*+. 
#22 Anz Fairy
#42 **Bee Make**

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