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Some hunts have ended and Kira is going to remove the prizes very soon, so hurry and get them while you can. You can find two free skins at the counter and some more hidden. There are some Lucky boards and several promos. Have a look around.

Annual Sale at Posies


50% off all fat packs in the store. Also, the group is free to join at the moment. Join now and get the gifts.

Azul, Frank... and Odette

AZUL - Odette Franks Entertainment Group Anniversary Gown.
It is an amazing gown. Make a folder because it doesn't come in one, some parts of the dress go to Clothing and others to Objects, just move them to the folder you make. I love this gift!

Gifts from Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos
10 group gifts and some more gifts in the shop, also some dollarbies and a couple of Midnight Mania boards. There are lots of promos and a sales section. The dresses are really beautiful and ideal for roleplaying, parties...

There are changing rooms where you can rezz boxes, hop on a stand and try on your new clothes.

8th FREE gift from LOW's Designer Spotlight: Skin with Cleavage

[AE] Clothing is giving away this sexy skin with lashes as a free gift in LOW's Designer Spotlight.
Join this group to get it:

Other gifts and promos at [AE]:

Hair Fair DEMO Group

Hair Fair DEMO Group

"This group is for the Official Hair Fair Designers to release their Demos 1st July. Allowing customers/fans enough time to try them on and be ready to know what hairstyles they will want to purchase from the fair. This will help with lag, and allow many a ooo and aaaaaa at home with friends in a fun environment.

Bring on the Hair !
Hair Fair 2011 July 2nd - July 15th  to benefit Wigs for Kids."

Paris Metro at Santorini

Paris Metro at Santorini - Free red dress and hat.

40 Squirrel'd Away Hunt Paris Metro: Santorini - Kamari Black Cocktail is still available.

Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt - Locations and Hints

Nevermore Summer Solstice Grid Hunt (June 15 - July 15)
1. QnC (Bri McMahon, Tucosta Hotaling, Andy Dastardly)
1 Midnight Mania anyone?
2 It’s all in the eyes.
3 The “Parrothead” says, “It sits off the cheeck of my gulf costal mouth”.

2. Trip Me Up Shapes (Medesca Markova)

3. Savira Furnishings (Sashara Savira)

5. Fluid Furniture (Mafalda Hienrichs and Mami Deerhunter)

6. Allusions (Sabryne Rhode)
Hint: I shine above from the east yet I remain in shade.

7. TFDesigns  – BMT Ranch (Trace Fireguard)
Hint: Donations much appreciated.

8. Prim & Pixel – (Mairead Fitzgerald)
Hint: Someboy likes nobody, but everybody loves Lady Goodbody!

10. [hate this] (Corvus Szpiegel)
Hint: I am rising where the sun would never shine.

11. Raven Keep Wiccan & Fantasy Shop (Karra Babii)
Hint – I think the Dragons are hiding it.

12. PRIMALOT (Manya McMahon)
Hint: The eyes go up, where the sun goes down…

13. Graffitiwear (Chalice Piers)
Hint: Give me food and i will live, give me water and i will die. What am I?


15. {Pink!e} (Caroolina Cooperstone)

16. mISs rOUx [sKIns and sHApES] (Livla Roux)
Hint – Have a look in the jungle


18. Sweeter Than Candy (Candace Morgwain)

20. Bella Swan’s Shop & Design (BellaSwanTwilight Fallen)

21. Island Style Designs ( Nickki Romano)

22. :: Cilian’gel Boutique :: (Cilia Shepherd)
Hint: Take it to another level! ^^

23. Baby Monkey Shoes (Pixieplumb Flanagan)

25. The Charmed Pentacle Collection (Katheryn Charlesworth)
Hint: Betcha Sam Raimi would know where to find this one.

THE SUMMER BREEZE HUNT (June 15 - June 30)

THE SUMMER BREEZE HUNT (June 15 - June 30)

Look for a green leaf.

Prince Charming?

MAGNIFIQUE POSES - Prince Charming (includes frog) - Free.
Taste of Second Life group:

Gifts from Cilian'gel

::  Cilian'gel Boutique  :: 
Group gift:
Got Jackie? Dress Set + Gown Set (look for both versions in notices).

The Summer Solstice Hunt prize 2011 @ Cilian'gel.

Free Stilleto Gladiator Sandals

2 pairs of Stilleto Gladiator Sandals (black and brown) - Group gifts. You can get past gifts, too.

Gifts and Promos at [AE]

Two hairs and one skin, 1 linden each. Midnight Mania with supersexy outfit, Giveaway Madness, promos, free outfit with group... No fee to join group.

Unisex Sandals with Feet, 1 Linden

"Unisex leather sandals, uni or duocolored (black or white basecolor) in many colors, lowprice line. Group offers at the mainhall, regular vendors at the 2. floor."
It costs 50 lindens to join the group, but there are gifts and promos every week.
There are only 9 and a half hours left for this promo. Look around the shop, there are lots of offers, promos, MMs...

A Midsummer's Night Dream Hunt at ezura Xue

+ eX + ezura Xue
A Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Hunt (June 21st - July 28th)
Hint: "Let yourself be inspired by the Goddess Guardian!" Look for a butterfly.
Hunt prize: Gothic Victorian Dress - 1 linden.

Geekgasm Hunt 2: Revenge of the Geeks (June 23 - July 13)

Geekgasm Hunt 2: Revenge of the Geeks (June 23 - July 13)
"It’s a celebration of all things geeky and nerdy! The Geekgasm Hunt will include stores from all over the grid featuring geeky or nerdy items (nerds are welcome too!). Gifts could be anything from earrings to skins to furniture to … well… we’re geeks. Let’s just say it could be anything."

I have done the whole hunt and got all the prizes, but some of the folders have different numbers. I think there were 43 shops to begin with, but there are 41 shops now Here you have the locations of the shops (not the prizes), some hints, pictures, etc. Good luck!

Locations and Hints:

01. Ello Poppet - Stop watching so much tv! (Night Elf avatar)

02. Pestle&Twig - This gift is pretty dang gangsta. (bow and glasses)

03. kuroi koneko - You probably shouldn't eat this gift OR try to sleep in it! (lamp)

04. Frippery - What's it doing hiding down there? (bracelet and posestand)

05. Acide! - They may be sexy, but this gift is geeky! (ears + hud)

06. LoveCats - If we get lucky, we might find it around here somewhere...

07. The Sea Hole - We're gonna be up front about this hunt gift....

08. Hanaya - What is the responsible thing to do with a game console that you can't even sell on E-Bay? (lamp)

09. Heartsick - Burning bright under this light. (beautiful skin)

10. The Mad Hattery - This isn't a ghost, but Pacman seems to be enjoying it!

11. Alchemy Immortalis - Santa got an early start this year. You know where he leaves his presents, don't you? (poses)

12. Bad Juju - Can you stand the heat?

13. Moxie - You probably won't get your hands wet looking for this hunt item...

14. Doremi
Gift 1: Have a little piece of nerdiness with this hunt gift!
Gift 2: This gift is getting back to its roots.

15. Razorblade Jacket

16. Cracked Mirror - This one shouldn't be a pane to find.

17. Tasty - It's not quite a flower up in this attick, but...

18. TGIS - We may be geeky, but we are MAXImum awesome :D

19. Cool Beans - Look down.

20. Boof - Get your geek on with a very NEW hunt gift!

21. Pididdle - Have a seat and rest a little! (earrings)

22. Grixdale - Saving for a rainy day.

23. Beauty Killer - Zombies play the nintendo, too!

24. Beatnik - If you're a super short geek, you may need a step ladder to reach this gift...

25. Acid & Mala Creations

26. Skinthesis - No, seriously... look down. :) (eyes)

27. Indigo Oddities

28. M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (makeup)

29. The Sugar Garden - This hunt gift almost sparkles up there... (nails)

30. DownDownDown - If you're a fan of geeks, maybe you'll blog this hunt item? :D

31. .Thump - This hunt is exhausting! If you have time, you should sit and relax for a bit. (5 poses)

32. RezIpsa Loc - How is she able to balance that without falling over?

33. Argyle Anonymous - It's STEAMY!

34. Magnifique Poses - They had geeks in the 80's, right?

35. Intrigue Co. - Don't trip up the stairs or you might miss it!

36. croire - Gamers like sweets.

37. undefined lillies - This gift is hiding behind some nests...

38. FACTS - Too much TV will rot your geeky, geeky brain! (reading pillows)

39. Yellow Berry - You're almost there! Maybe you can get some games out of your backpack and play a bit before you go on...

40. Furore - What the heck? This isn't a remote control down here...

41. Atelier Yllanys - See what other guests have done and celebrate being a geek - you're done!

Be Aware of the Sun

Summer Breeze Hunt prize: skin, shape and bikini in picture.
SBH - 39 - .:Titzuki:.
There are also: freebies, dollarbies and group gifts (hair, tattoos, clothes...).

Gifts and Promos at Nekojita Designs

Nekojita Designs
Spring Skin - Free.
Summer gift - Free outfit.
Saira outfit - 1 linden.
Body set (skin, shape and eyes) - 15 lindens.
and more...

Burnt Like a Firetracker Hunt (June 20 - July 20)

Burnt Like a Firetracker Hunt (June 20 - July 20)
If you need help, you can always join their group:

Start location:

A Midsummer's Night Dream 2 Hunt @ PurpleMoon

Midsummer Night Dream 2 Hunt (June 21 - July 28) - Every hunt prize costs 1 linden.

PurpleMoon offers us two hunt prizes inspired in Titania, the main character of the William Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream". 

Gown - Main location:

Crown - Casablanca location:

7TH FREE gift from LOW's Designer Spotlight - Carrie's Lingerie

7TH FREE gift from LOW's Designer Spotlight - Carrie's Lingerie.
"Carrie's Lingerie is giving away this lovely lingerie set as a free gift in LOW's Designer Spotlight.  (The sumptuous textures as well as the lace and pearl details on this set will make anyone want to reach out and touch it, or you.  *grins*)."
To receive the gift join the group:  LOW Sale Customers.
Gift available from 1 A.M. 20 June to midnight 26 June SL time. Be sure to visit Carrie's main store for other amazing lingerie and deals.

Summer Sales and Gifts at EMME POSE

Summer Sales at EMME POSE - There are only a few hours left. Hurry!
EMME POSE is closing its inworld doors and will only be available through the MarketPlace. Another nice shop that bites the dust... It's a pity.

There are also some free things:
EmmePose  Are u my prince
EmmePose Cheese
EmmePose Good Bye MR Swayze

EmmePose  Happy Easter 2011

FREE Poses!!!

From time to time I have a look at the MarketPlace, there are always very nice free or very cheap things there. One of my favourite things are poses and here you have a few of them free, dollarbie or very cheap. Enjoy!

E.inK ~ eighteen FREE poses

E.inK ~ five FREE poses

E.inK ~ six FREE poses

Have a look at the whole store, there are some dollarbies and some cheap poses:

Dark Layla in Azure

Glam Affair @ The Dressing Room
Layla, dark tone and azure make-up - 70 lindens.

I love Glam Affair skins, and you can always get some nice and cheap ones at The Dressing Room.

Government Hooker in Black

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Government Hooker (Black) with Akhesa black hair.

Lots of free hair, group gifts, dollarbies, MMs...

Hunts at Magnifique Poses

Magnifique Poses

There are several hunts here, this picture just show the prize from one of them. Look for all the prizes hidden in Magnifique Poses.

TOSLH #03-Magnifique Poses.
2HFYS Hunt Object #19 - Magnifique Poses.
186 MND2 - Magnifique Poses.
DSN - 71 - Magnifique Poses.


Charming in Pink

Hair: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::..., Akhesa - Majestic.
Lots of free hair, group gifts, dollarbies, MMs...

Skin: Lemania Indigo, [LI] Charm - Pink (Pale).
MMs, hunts, Luckys...

Outfit: !RIGHT Top & Capri Jeans Yuli pink.

Shoes: ::7Style:: 7Star  Unisex 1-4 - Free.
Or, go to the shop and have a look at it, don't forget to get the group gifts. The group is free to join:

Starry Night

Hair: ! DrLife Healthy Hair Siyu(All Color).

Skin: Bare Sensual, bs sinful 1 fair - 10 lindens.

Dress: JE T'AIME dreamy thigh high slitted gown *Starnite*
Dance under the stars with this dreamy thigh high slitted gown called starnite.  The satin strapless bodice hugs the bust and waist and falls into a floor length flowing skirt with a thigh high revealing slit on one side.  Be dazzled and dazzle others with the celestial bodies which enliven the texture. The glam and luxurious classy style with such lovely detail will make you feel like a Starlett in 1940s Hollywood, reminiscent of actresses such as Rita Hayworth, elegant and beautiful, and very sexy.
Sandals: JE T'AIME Sexy High Heeled Sandals *Mandy* 

Amazing and Free

Queen of Sheba, in cerise and gold, free today at House of Beningborough.

Deandra, white with a bit of black, free today at House of Beningborough.

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