Mary is a Fairy

Skin: -Glam Affair - Mary skin TDR #26 (70 lindens)
Mary skin in med tan with five lipstick tattoo is the new release for the Dressing Room #26. Six options in the pack: blonde, brown and dark eyebrows, bald and hairbase.

Hair: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Beatrice Hair - Majestic (50 lindens)
Beatrice includes flowers accessories.

Outfit: -Glam Affair -  NEW YORK Dress (10 lindens)
In the 10-linden section:

Shoes: H.E.D. (High End Designs - Basic Flats)

Mix & Match Hunt (1st April to 23rd April)

Mix & Match Hunt (1st April to 23rd April)

Join the Fashion Freaks Group to keep informed about this hunt and the hints!

Stores and Hints:

aDORKable Gifts

aDORKable Poses: Spring Gift: 

aDORKable Poses: Lazy Bench. (Free)

DIMH2 #008 (aDORKable Poses). (Hunt)

Freebies by the door:
- Adorkable Poses:  Sweet Revenge. (Props: voodoo doll and pins)
- aDORKable Poses: Emoter HUD.
- Adorkable Poses: Kites. (Props: kites)
- aDORKable Poses: Little Dingy. (Props: dingy)

New release:

Hunt and Help Japan

Forces of Nature Hunt is a hunt to raise funds for Japan. It will take place from 20th March until 27th of April.

You need a hud for this hunt. It costs 150 lindens, that will be donated to Japan. You can buy the hud here:

Wear your hud, touch the globes you'll find in the shops and get all the nice presents. Have fun while helping others.

You can join the Nature's Hunt Group:

Remember the rules of the hunt:
- No yelling out the locations of hunt items in local chat, you can always communitate by IM with your friends and fellow hunters.
- Do not give out cheat sheets, creators get annoyed and move the gifts to more difficult places.

This is the hunt blog where pictures and hints will be posted:  

Les Petites Details (*LpD)

*Lpd* - Les Petites Details

Join the group for updates and gifts, special make-up gift in notices:

*LpD* Mother Nature Dress - 180 lindens

*LpD* - *Etoile* Dress - 130 lindens - 3 colours to choose from.

*LpD* - *Cheers* Shoes (with and without socks) - 200 lindens Seven colours to choose from.
Free demos to try them on.


Flickr's Stream: 

These Shoes are Sweethearts

PROMO: Sweethearts shoes with skincolour hud, resizer and nailpolish, only 50 lindens. 10 colours to choose from.

Pearls, Diamonds... or Shoes?

PROMO: Pearl Diamond Shoes. Usually 250 lindens, now only 20 lindens. 10 colours to choose from.

1. Floor  Main Hall - Shoes, Clothing, MMs, promotions...
2. Floor - Furniture, Firesides, Lamps, Deco, Hair, NEW Ozimals Bunny's...
3. Floor - Christmas and Winter Deco.
4. Floor group section.
Zero Level: Outdoor plants, Palms, campfires...

Lovestone, weekly special at Zero Cool

St. Valentine has come and gone, but this set is good for any time of the year.

Half-price this week: Little Valentine's fountain with an animated flame and particle glow effect. Also, water animation with sound. All very romantic. ;)

Cool Red Crusader's Ankleboots

Red crusader's ankleboots with bucket-top, broad anklegirdle and deco cross and special styled heel and sole. (Resizer and Alphalayers are ZC Designz standars).

They usually cost 250 lindens, but if you are a member of the group, they only cost 10 lindens

The group is free to join and members get a lot of gifts and discounts.
Zero Cool Designz group: 25c5d92d-33ae-3746-e371-e0de385c9a61

Look around the shop for other discounts (vendors with a red dot on them have a huge discount), gifts and other interesting things.

Group Gift and Easter Special at Filthy

March group gift available till tomorrow, and Easter Special available till Easter.
Fee to join: 199 lindens.

Pot of Gold Hunt (SLurls and Pictures)

From the official blog:
Those crazy Nevermore leprechauns are at it again! This time  they are covering the entire grid! They will be hiding their pots of  gold grid wide and will have lots of great surprises for you! A  multitude of gifts await you with Nevermore’s Pot O’Gold treasure hunt!  You are looking for shamrocks this year. Starts March 15, 2011 and runs through April 1, 2011. So be sure to  get in on the fun before the Nevermore leprechauns turn into April  Fools! 

SLurls and Hints:

1.  Allusions (Sabryne Rhode)
Hunt Hint: Climb for your prize.

PRIMALOT (Manya McMahon)

16.  PRIMALOT (Manya McMahon)
Hunt Hint:
Find 3 clovers here, see pictures of the prizes:

There are also lucky chairs and some gifts.

[hate this] (Corvus Szpiegel) (#17 Pot of Gold Hunt)

17.  [hate this] (Corvus Szpiegel)
Hunt Hint:  With a little help from my friends…

Green cap.

There are some dollarbies and several hunts in the shop. This is the prize from the Twisted Hunt:

"Agrecion Rosada" at Black Cat Bones

Pretty in Pink?  More like Lethal in Pink.  "Pink Aggression" is playful, but she's not playing. Sexy top; leggings and belted asymmetrical skirt; leather armbands and thighband with a variety of sharp instruments ... the belt and thighband are embellished with little pink skulls, 'cos well, girls will be girls.

Outfit: Agrecion Rosada, Black Cat Bones (25 lindens this week).
Hair: Marla, EMO-tions (Group Gift)

Skin: "Isolde", Exodi.

Feeding Little Piggy

Black Cat Bones wants to help us feed small pigs, so it gives us this cute outfit with props. Cute top with suspenders, shorts, hat and boots. You can wear the jacket or tie it around your hips. You get a small pig to rock and cuddle, and a couple of more larger ones. The whole set just for 25 lindens this week.

Little piggy has lost his mommy so somebody has to give him milk from a bottle...

25 lindens Tuesday items (Available throughout the week).

The Zombie Killers Hunt - Shaun of the Dead

Black Cat Bones presents The Zombie Killers Hunt (May 1 to May 28):

With the approaching Zombie Killers Hunt, Black Cat Bones are releasing an Epic Zombie Killer Outfit each week or so until it ends... or they run out of epic Zombie Killers who wore cool stuff. (LOL)

The first one I am blogging is for a male avatar (males are always complaining that they cannot find anything good for them... they should look better... hehehe).

"Shaun of the Dead"  includes boots, pants, tie, shirt collar, rambo tie, name tag, flowers for mom, bat, and throwing records that do damage to zombies rezzed in zombie sims.

Shaun is ready for his date with you. Will it be a very romantic date? Well, let's see... there are flowers and music... and he can always kill a few zombies with those romantic records... ;)

Casually Casual

Hair: ((JUNWAVE))Setsuna.
Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde.
Tops: H.E.D. Henley's Sweaters.
Trousers: H.E.D. Rolled Up Capris.
Shoes: H.E.D. Basic Flats.
Poses: PNP (Poses and Props).

I love the whole look, or looks, because I got the fatpacks so I can combine them. The sweaters and the capris are lovely, and those flats are cuteeeee.

There are also lucky boards and a gift at H.E.D. (High End Designs).

Gazebos, Islands and Easter

Dreamland Designs brings us several very nice things. :)

Cuddle gazebo (10 lindens), outside, in front of the shop, near the Easter Island:

Easter Island (1 linden), outside, in front of the shop, near the cuddle gazebo:

Do not forget the freebies on the counter and the Midnight Mania board, upstairs.

Monday Mania at Sacred Roses

Dress: Dark Delicacy, Sacred Roses. A Black Lace Gown with Lingerie option. Price for Monday Mania: 50 lindens.

Another Fundraiser II (26th March until 3rd April)

Another Fundraiser II started at The Deck this weekend. It will be open from Saturday 26th March until Sunday 3rd April. 

The idea of the event is to take one of the open source skin templates from Eloh, Splendor, or MinaJunk and create something that will go 100% to charity. All skin and or tattoo packs are 50L only, an incredible bargain for some amazing work. 100 % of the proceeds go to the Red Cross to help the victims of the overwhelming disasters that have struck Japan. 

Skin: Idiosyncrasy Another Fundraiser Geisha Skin.
Hair: Geisha - Miyakoodori_Maiko.
Outfit: H:: Kimono Princess ::H, hO wEAr.

Glamourous and Cheap

Glamour is usually very expensive, but from time to time you get some very nice surprises, like the ones you can get in the discount section of Glam Affair. Lots of items only cost 10 lindens: skins, hair, clothes...

Mary, not in the discount section, is available in five skin tones: Light,  Natural, MedTan, Tan and Dark. Each tone features 12 different makes-up and 3 different brows tones: Blonde, Brown and Dark. And more...

Group Gift:
It costs 30 lindens to join the group, to prevent spam. Group gifts at the shop and the ones that they send in notices are really good.

More about Glam Affair, here:

Glam Affair has donated the land where the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser is taking place.

Sugar Coated Fun and More at MunSpain

Have I told you that I love poses? I do. I also love props, and these ones are telling me "eat meeee". It's a good thing they are not full of calories, but full of fun and poses!

They only cost 50 lindens each, and they look delicious! The are three versions: *MS* Donut Yummi Glassed, *MS* Donut Yummi Pink and *MS* Donut Yummi Blue.


Hair: .:MINA:. Daphne  - Burnt Embers.
Skins: MunSpain.
Tops: H.E.D. Henley's.
Trousers: H.E.D. Rolled Up Capris.

There are some dollarbie and free skins here:

Very nice pieces of furniture here, and cheap! I bought a couple of chairs with poses in my favourite colours for 1 and 5 lindens.

You can find more freebies, dollarbies and cheapies in the MarketPlace, here.

There are some MMs.

100 Poses for Photos with Huds

I love poses and animations and I am always looking for more. I found these ones months ago and told everybody I knew. Everybody was very pleased. Today, while organizing my inventory (a never ending story!) I came across them and decided to write a post. I am sure lots of you will get them because they are very nice and cheap. Each pack comes with 10 poses (copy) and a hud, and it only costs 5 lindens!!! So do what I did and get the 10 packs. :)

There is also a PhotoStudio (5 lindens) and a shape (10 lindens).

What are you waiting for? Do not walk... runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


Steam Like a Pro for Free

SteamBook Pro Portable Computing Device - one of the most advanced portable computational devices available:

Electronic Looking Glass - a steampunk image display contraption that will dress up the residence of inventors and aristocrats alike.:

Satin Laced Corset Outfit - one outfit with lots of looks for free:

Tramontane Outfit (sage) - for the elegant, yet informal, male:

Lace Front Corset - a very versatile outfit that can be worn many ways:

Steampunk Formal Suit (black) - A Stylish suit for any Steampunk or Victorian affair:

BlakOpal Designs:

Imagination Steampunk Heart:

SteamJunk - JunkSub:

More here.

Modern Styled Living-room at Dreamland Designs

Dreamland Designs offers us this modern styled living-room set for only 10 lindens. The leather couch and chairs are full of animations, they also come with a texture changer with many colour sets. The table, the rug and lamps are also included in the set.

Faces Studios Presents Nina Skin

Each Nina skin includes vividtone, a technology that allows you to change your skin tone without having to buy another skin. It comes with a hair base so you can wear it or not, and three cleavage options. You can try the demos before you buy.

Nina Skin Comes with:
Normal skin >>> 3 lips 5 eyeshadows.
Vivdtone Technology >>> Editable until you reach your tone.
FX >>> Add-on layers.

Skin: Nina, Faces Studios
Lipstick: SR Dark Pink Lip.
Hair: ((JUNWAVE))Setsuna.
Top: EVOL Kylie Bra Top Pink.

'Breathtaking and Divine' Final Weekend Closing Sale

Effective March 31st,  Breathtaking & Divine is closing FOR GOOD!

The entire store is discounted 75% off!!!  Be sure to hurry and grab things, a few things have been pulled because the creator is transferring them to the new store, but the majority of the stock that is out is marked down to sell! Prices as low as $10 lindens! 

The new store should reopen in mid-April.

More information about their skins in this post:

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